Studio Day Use
Studio Day Use
Studio Day Use
Studio Day Use
Studio Day Use
Studio Day Use
Studio Day Use

Studio Day Use

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For the hobby dyer or textile artist, studio day use offers access to the dye studio where members can practice the use of natural indigo blue, Ceriops and Woodfordia brown, jackwood yellow, and mud black and grey. The studio practices batik, shibori, and tannin painting with mud dyeing, but practitioners may practice their own surface design techniques, too.

AVAILABLE Monday-Friday

To ensure that all Studio Day Use members understand and follow the studio's standard practices for scouring, dyeing and finishing, participation in a week-long workshop or a 2-Day Studio Introduction is prerequisite.

- The studio is open for day use from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Cost does not include lunch, but lunch may be ordered.
- The studio may only be used with studio staff in attendance.
- The studio will be closed for major Balinese holidays and may be closed when the studio hosts multi-day workshops.
- The studio offers half-day batik classes at the same time as day use of the studio.

- Participation for each day must be pre-booked and pre-paid.
- Cancellation must be at least 24 hours before the start of a member's booked studio day to maintain credit. Late cancellation will result in loss of credit.

- Within the price of studio use, members my work on 2 meters of cloth on their first day plus 1 extra meter of cloth for each additional day in the studio. Further cloth may be used with the agreement of studio staff and an additional fee may be charged to cover dyes used.
- Cost of studio time includes dyes, soaps, scouring and finishing agents, batik wax, and studio use but does not include fibre to be dyed. Fabric or yarn can be purchased at the studio or brought with you.
- Users will have access to vats for indigo blue, Ceriops red-brown, Woodfordia light-brown, mud black, jackwood yellow. Please give at least two days notice of the colors you wish to use so that the studio can ensure vat availability. New vats will be stronger and dye deeper colors quicker than old vats; only with old vats will subtle colors be possible. Vats will be renewed once they are exhausted. Members agree to work with vats in the conditions that they find them.
- Users agree to use only the studio's dyes, scouring and finishing soaps and agents in their work. Members agree not to use outside dyes, soaps, mordants, or chemicals in the studio.
- Separate vats will be set up for studio member use. Members agree not to use the studio's production vats.
- Users are expected to share vat use fairly amongst themselves.
- Outside a multi-day workshop and the 2-day studio introduction, studio staff offer limited coaching and mentoring but will not do members' work for them.

- Failure to follow the studio's standard work practices, as taught in multi-day workshops and the 2-day studio introduction, may result in a user being barred from the studio and losing their credit.
- Failure to follow the studio's terms & conditions, as stated above, may result in a user being barred from the studio and losing their credit.

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